Successful Remote Working Cultures

We’re now in 2022 and the ‘’new normal’ is now the standard – according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), 30% of businesses are working online and 80% of organisations that permit remote work believe this will continue to be standard practice.

To maintain a productive and engaged workplace with a healthy bottom line, organisations and their decision-makers need to ask themselves: how to create a collaborative remote working environment with happy employees?

We believe the key fundamentals of a successful remote workforce is connection, productivity and fulfillment.

Create Conscious connection

with themselves, each other and their work, to drive increased self-understanding, deeper engagement and stronger relationships, allowing them to consciously connect with their leaders, colleagues, stakeholders, family and friends.

Maintain a high level of productivity

by removing unhelpful thought processes and behaviours that get in the way of people being and doing their best and improving employee performance and productivity by adding mental capacity to expand perspectives, increase choice and flexibility in the way they operate, for smarter decision-making, greater internal inclusion and improved client relationships.

Making employees feel fulfilled

is part of a bigger picture is a key contributor to forming a loyal, committed and ‘sticky culture’. One of the ways we do this at MindNavigator is by working towards our shared organisational vision: create a future where the pursuit of enjoyment and excellence is as accessible as air, for every mind, everywhere.

How has MindNavigator created a successful working culture?


We’ve built a self-aware workforce.

Self-aware employees are more open to receiving feedback and work more easily with tension, which they view as a healthy means of generating new ideas and outcomes.​


We Foster Attentive Employees ​

Focused employees are more productive, have greater resilience and operate from a higher level of emotional intelligence.​


We cultivate Accountable Individuals

Employees who are autonomous and empathic have consideration for others, take care of their own wellbeing, have healthier interrelating and work as a collective, rather than individual outcomes.​​


We’ve Formed Agile Teams

Agile employees are able to consider multiple perspectives within a given situation and discern what they may be over and under valuing, what to focus on and filter out, before deciding on a course of action. They have strong communication and influencing skills and are better able to handle complexity.​ ​​

By implementing this 5-point strategy, MindNavigator has created a successful remote working model with a 100% online-based working environment with individuals and teams from Australia, New Zealand, San Francisco, Russia, India and Philippines.


MindNavigator offers a fast, long-lasting solution to creating and nurturing remote working cultures.

It was founded to challenge the status quo of leadership workshops, training programs, engagement surveys and content apps.

Publicly declared as “life-changing” by Fujitsu Head of Strategy & Growth, Marcus Robbins, and discussed alongside ex-VP of Twitter, Bruce Daisley, on Fujitsu’s recent Dear Director podcast, MindNavigator’s 6 month transformational change program has been making waves.

Set for release in early 2022, MindNavigator is launching version 2 of our product and app which is set to disrupt the leadership and coaching industry.

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