SA Housing Authority - Case Study

An independent statutory authority with over 900 employees, established by the Government of South Australia to improve and reform the housing system.

After a 6-month developmental cycle, SA Housing Authority achieved transformational results:


of respondents have been using what they learnt to help them at work.


of respondents thought the system was beneficial.


of respondents were motivated to continue applying MindNavigator concepts beyond completion.


of respondents developed greater self awareness and self-understanding.


of respondent developed a flexible or adaptable mindset.

Deborah Dickson

Executive Director, SA Housing Authority

“I really recommend the program to anyone who's considering ways in which leadership and the nature of change needs to be explored at a deeper level...

… a program that has been really profoundly impactful for those that were part of it”

To hear more, listen here:

Positive impacts from MindNavigator participants

Even with Covid restrictions the ability to connect like this via virtual technology was brilliant.

Very relevant to assist people in understanding their own mindset, values and actions.

Beneficial for supporting people to reflect on their own practices in their own time.


The system is very relevant for anyone who is ready to listen. It's not just about work but life and general behaviour.

I gained a lot from this system and will continue to work on practices learnt into the future.

The benefits will be reflected in my leadership capabilities and how I can assist in building a team culture.

MindNavigator is proud to have the SA Housing Authority as an ongoing client, helping to nurture and maximise the impacts of the program across its departments.

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