A Technology-powered coaching platform for your employee Development

Award-Winning 3 Step Mind-First® process integrated with HR technology to help with your employee trasnformation


Develop self-awareness and understanding through self-paced, guided self-enquiry


Expand perspectives and strengthen relationships through engaging with others


Shift from thinking to acting with simple to implement practices

Enabling employees to:

Consciously connect - with themselves, each other and their work, to drive increased self-understanding, deeper employee engagement and stronger relationships.

Remove mental barriers - remove unhelpful thought processes and resulting behaviours that get in the way of people being and doing their best, to improve employee performance and productivity.

Add mental capacity - expand perspectives to increase choice and flexibility in the way they operate, for smarter decision-making, greater internal inclusion and improved client relationships.

A scaleable solution driven by technology

Benefits of a 1-1 consultant, delivered through online self-coaching

Multi-Award winning solution

Grounded in cognitive science

100+ applied practices, easily intergrated with the flow of everyday work

Time efficient & scalable across organisation

Meaningful and measurable ROI impacts

Our HcD self-coaching software solution has changed the way organizations develop their workforce, creating long term behavioural change that is intrinsically motivated and personally relevant.


greater self-understanding


see continual application of practices as ‘high priority’.

MindNavigator® HR Software Solution | 5 Point Strategy


We Build Self-Aware Workforces

Supporting employees to build awareness of their mental models - the constructed thoughts, feelings, and values they hold about themselves and their broader environment - which influence their reasoning and behaviour.

Self-aware employees are more open to receiving feedback and work more easily with tension, which they view as a healthy means of generating new ideas and outcomes.


We Foster Attentive Employees

Developing employee capacity for mindfulness and constructive thinking to move them from ‘auto pilot’ with their mental filters operating beyond conscious awareness to focused attention.

Focused employees are more productive, have greater resilience and operate from a higher level of emotional intelligence.


We cultivate Accountable Individuals

Instilling accountability at all levels is essential for employees to take initiative and ownership of their outcomes, and balance their individual needs with the needs of others and the organisation as a whole.

Employees who are autonomous and empathic have consideration for others, take care of their own wellbeing, have healthier interrelating and work as a collective, rather than individual outcomes.


We Form Agile Teams

By examining habitual thinking patterns and mental shortcuts which direct employee decisions and interactions, expands their perspectives and develop choice and agility in their operating strategies.

Agile employees are able to consider multiple perspectives within a given situation and discern what they may be over and under valuing, what to focus on and filter out, before deciding on a course of action. They have strong communication and influencing skills and are better able to handle complexity.


We Drive Lasting Developmental Change

Applying of insights from the program enables employees to test assumptions, spark new ideas with each other, and practice new behaviours within the context of their role and environment for continuous practical application of new learnings.

Deborah Dickson

Executive Director, SA Housing Authority

“I really recommend the system to anyone who's considering ways in which leadership and the nature of change needs to be explored at a deeper level...

… a platform that has been really profoundly impactful for those that were part of it”

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A globally unique, self-coaching and collaborative platform

Our Mind-First® approach offers an accessible model for individuals to become their own coaches and engages the whole workforce community in a deeply personal, yet collaborative experience.

Participants engage through a blend of individual self-enquiry, group dialogue, and on-the-job practices, in a time efficient, and measurable process.

Mind-First® Transformation in Action

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